March 02, 2020 (5979-03022020)

Mt twitter account was suspended by the twitter company on Wednesday, Feb 19, 2020 at 11:44 AM (12 days ago) for referring to Bill Gates as the world’s biggest “nigger.” 

I was attempting to point out that Bill Gates was allowed the freedom by the government of the USA to illegally enter my living quarters to steal property from me which contained a biological component from the spectrum of my visual cortex which is a form of core amidst my overall crown chakra and with that which he stole, he created the Windows software (and I can prove this by a US anti-trust lawsuit against Microsoft 2002 which is why the software was called “windows” as in windows to the soul aka, my eyes) which made him the richest man on the planet and as I stated in my tweet, and while it is true that he gallivanted all around the world giving money to everyone he could, he and his family never bothered to stop by my house to help me along MY way and instead he and his family watched as the soul and his people and I suffered bouts of homelessness equalling more than four calendar years but they never bothered to be there for me and or to lend any help at all and I am the one he stole from and this in my opinion makes him the worlds biggest nigger (look up the word and see if you can figure it out as if you read the words definitions you might be able to understand). 

I submitted a request for an appeal to the twitter company itself to return my twitter account to its normal on Friday, Feb 21, 2020 at 4:24 PM (10 days ago) but so far the company has refused to review the request and so my account remains suspended to this day and I, believing my first amendment rights allows me the freedom to express my belief that Bill Gates is a nigger, have refused to delete the tweets and therefore, in the event that I need to reach anyone through Twitter, I will simply use a dummy account not registered to me noting that “my twitter account was suspended because I called bill gates a Niger” and then express that which I need to assert to you and will do so they move to either restore my account at which time I will resume using my own personal @swrreno account, or until they deactivate my account for my refusal to delete the tweets at which time we probably won’t use twitter any further. 

I believe that as a normal mortal man I have the right to assert that in my belief he is the stingiest man on the planet for not helping the man he stole from which made him his billions but as the one and one true crown of life of this era of our earth history, I know damn good and well I do. 

I further believe he has used his money to stop me from tweeting this truth about him which further displays his cowardice regarding the dissemination of the truth. 

The soul and his people and I Stephen Wayne Reno Monday, March 02, 2020

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