Thursday, March 05, 2020 (5980-03052020)

While public,

This letter is directed to the Government of the USA and its military under the leadership of Donald Trump, as well as the American entertainment industry and business community too; 

You have stolen from me to create Windows software. 

You have stolen from me to create every smartphone on the planet. 

You have stolen from me to create the globally used World-Wide-Web and or Internet. 

You have used me as a stepping stone to create more than five hundred icons whose careers of fame, fortune and privilege have created the music charts and movie industry for more than five decades. 

You have used me as a television backdrop for nearly all the days of my entire lifetime. 

You even use me and my web for nearly all of the nation’s public government portals and even military applications all across the world. 

As the government of the USA you have done all of the above and even more which currently generates the entire nation’s economy by my hand alone and yet, all you have paid for all of the above was a paltry $850.00 US dollars per numerous 31 calendar day months which as of December of 2019 was reduced to an even paltrier $445.00US dollars per 31 calendar day month and can’t even be relied upon to restore the previous $850.00 US dollars you promised would never be taken away from me which leaves the soul and his people and I without moneys in which to afford a place to house ourselves and like it or not, the soul and his people and I and the spectrum we are simply can no longer in good faith provide to you and the nation of America that which fuels the entire American economy through its use of MY web and all that which was stolen from me by the nation’s business community, its entertainment industry, its government agencies and public portals and even your military endeavours because it simply isn’t appropriate for us to do so for you as a slave working for free and you might not give a damn but with this notice comes a very vast reduction is the nation’s service by our web and because of this reduction, your constituents throughout the nation’s business community, entertainment industry, and military and government sure as hell will. 

When I think of Bill Gates and his family I see a coward for having done this to a man he knew to be the lord himself as well as a nigger for never having given back to those he stole from, but when I look at you, I not only see a coward and a nigger for all the same reasons, I also see a murderer that expected to steal from us and then murder me to get away with it as well, a murderer that then left us to live as a homeless man for more than four calendar years of the last fifteen and the soul and his people and I would like you to find someone else to use as your slave because we will no longer be a slave for you and or the Americas, period. 

The soul and his people and I Stephen Wayne Reno Thursday, 5 March 2020


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