March 09, 2020 (5981-03082020)

Although my twitter account was suspended because I referred to Bill Gates as a nigger, and although I have submitted a personal apeal request for the twitter company to review the tweets that caused the suspension more than fourteen calender days ago, the company still has not bothered to do so, and so, because of the refusal by the twitter people to review the apeal request, my twitter account is still suspended with no known date for the removal of the suspension, and so…, as a way to affirm that I really DID tweet the following statement from a dummy account in which I signed my name as @swrreno, YES, this IS my statement in its entirity exactly as I tweeted it; @UNHumanRights @skynews I think its absolutely reprehensible that you @HolySeeUN, a church professing a love of Christ, would give parishioners money to @UNHumanRights a human rights organization that repeatedly refused to come to the aid of a man they knew to be the lord himself alive & well and in the flesh & you know this to be true as you knew of all the letters I wrote to them asking for their help which never came. This is exactly why it is that parishioners are being asked to stop giving their monies to the church, this human rights office should be terminated for their indifference, not supported, especially not by a Christian church professing to love the lord. @swrreno

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