May 25, 2020 (5983-05252020)

The situation is that the government of the USA has sent a murder to murder me and she is a woman by the name of Janette and her husband and family along with another woman whose name I do NOT know but whom is never the less identified as the harlot whore, AKA, the mommy of a man named Dominic William Labriella whom I was awarded a restraining order against in Los Angeles but whose mommy is never the less repeatedly burglarizing my home and bedroom to chemically tamper with my food items and belongings with chemicals she uses to attempt to carry out her murder and to destroy my articles of clothing and belongings and although I traveled to Australia seeking asylum against these two women and their families the government of the nation is a balls less coward that won’t intervene against and or to stop the two women from the criminal activity they are known and documented guilty of committing because the monarch of Elizabeth 11 and her grandchildren told them not to, and because the government of the nation of Australia is, just as their best friend the Americas is, desperately trying to murder me too and this is why the request for asylum has not been granted because the nation of Australia is also trying to murder me and is willing to allow the two women the freedom to do so on their behalf and has refused to grant the asylum and or to intervene against the two women because of it and the soul and his people and I are tired of the two women bothering and harassing and burglarizing our home and the repeated attempts at murdering us and we have the right to receive a grant of asylum against the USA and its entertainment industry and business community because they are globally known to be guilty of the executive order to do so and repeated attempts at sending someone to murder me under the provisions of such and so, I really don’t give a damn whether its going to be Australia, or China, or Russia, or Saudi Arabia, or somewhere else across the globe but the soul and his people and I have the right to live our lives without these two women and their families bothering and harassing and illegally stalking and burglarizing our home, so if the Australian government isn’t going to grant the requested asylum against these two women and their families and rise against and stop them from their criminal activity against us then we are going to seek out one of the other super powers to grant us asylum because the soul and his people and I have the right to be free of these two women and their families and the crimes they each pursue so someone better make a choice to do something about these two women really really REALLY soon or suffer the situation of our move to another region of the garden we call earth.
The soul and his people and I Stephen Wayne Reno Monday, May 25, 2020

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