June 03, 2020 (5984-06032020)

You should all be advised; The crown of life emanating from my head often referred to as my “halo” is visible in the middle ground of the TV screen between the foreground and the background which is why TV is electronically transmitted across the radio spectrum as it is currently known to be, so as to deliberately prevent the public watching television from seeing my crown as they could when I was born, and, when I die, the upper ring of life above me will lower itself and mesh together with the lower ring below me which will rise to mesh together with the upper which will have the effect of meshing together the background and foreground of the TV dial programming being broadcast by television stations globally as there will no longer be a background and foreground but one solid middle ground and at this very moment today, just as they have been allowed the freedom to do since approximately 1992, the jennet woman and her husband and the harlot whore and her son Dominic currently have themselves electronically connected directly to the middle ground which is the core of the spectrum otherwise known as the spectrum known to be emanating from me, Stephen Wayne Reno now what you need to realize is that everything these two women and their families do while electronically connected directly to my flesh and bone bodily aura and crown and everything these two women and their families say into the microphones calibrated to the spectrum of my crown and body is actually being picked up and recorded by all those all across the area recording TV programing from their local area television broadcasting stations and or computers alike which may not be seen by the public at large today because the middle ground is being deliberately hidden by the way the entertainment industry transmits television programming just to prevent the public from seeing my holy crown, but when I pass away and the upper ring of life above me lowers itself to mesh together with the lower ring below me as he rises to mesh with the upper ring of life lowering himself the effect will be that virtually everything the two women and their families did and said will become the picture seen as the middle ground will no longer be hidden but in fact the most visible thing of the recording and what that means to all of you all across the world is that the public at large will suddenly become aware of everything the Janett woman and her husband and the harlot whore and her son Dominic said about me and did to me throughout more than thirty five calendar years the government of the USA has allowed them the freedom to attempt murdering me and amidst the worlds loss of the world-wide-web and the software and the smart phone and the television stations inability of transmitting televised programming is why did all you of the media, and all you owners and managers of TV stations and you members of government that swore to protect the citizens of the nation, and all you of the entertainment industry literally all across the world allow such wretched bags of shit and their families victimize someone named Stephen so cruelly and inhumanly for such a prolonged period of time and every single one of you TV station owners and general managers and operators and FCC will be left held accountable for allowing it upon the TV screen so very long and the very first thing you should all do is get those two damn bitches and their family’s microphones turned off and electronically disconnected from my flesh and bone bodily aura and crown and stop them from electronically transmitting anything at all and stand up and hold those responsible for funding these two women’s activities and whatever members of government allowing them such freedom, liable for the cruelty and malice and harm and damage they have all done and remember, it may be alright for all of you to look the other way while you all watch these two women and their families victimize me this way but sooner or later someone will be forced to answer to the public at large for what these two women and their families have done because with nearly forty calendar years’ worth of recordings all across the world you won’t be able to say you weren’t purvey to it, yet, you never bothered to stand up on behalf of that man named Stephen to stop these two families from victimizing him that way and someday it will cost many of you your careers and many of you your life’s works as well.

The soul and his people and I are tired of these bags of shit verbally harassing us all day and night long high of methamphetamine and when thirty-five plus years of it show up in the homes of the public at large so too will you all be.

Please stop the two families verbal harassment from being electronically transmitted across my crown or “halo” and eyes and please force the disconnect of the two families and keep them off my flesh and bone bodily aura and energy centers as its best for me, and its best for all you too.

The soul and his people and I Stephen Wayne Reno Wednesday, June 03, 2020

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