June 04, 2020 (5986-06042020)

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The government of the USA and a man we all know the name of stole a living part of the spectrum known to be emanating from within my head and eyes as my visual cortex along with another item which was then used to create a now globally used personal computer software known as Widows. According to the letter of the law, stolen property remains the belonging of the original owner it was stolen from no matter what is done with it and as such is mandated to be returned to its original owner when realized as said stolen property and the justice that presided over the Microsoft antitrust lawsuit was knowledgeable of the fact that the overall item of topic of the antitrust lawsuit itself was in fact the very same living part of the spectrum known to be emanating from within my head and eyes as my visual cortex as well as the aforementioned “other item” that was known to have been stolen from me because the bases of the lawsuit was that apple computer and others wanted their fair share of that which was known to have been taken from me and because of this, the justice and court was obligated under the law to return the stolen property directly to me knowing that I literally sat there within the very courtroom literally as Bill Gates Himself sat in the defendants chair and rendered the testimony he know was being rendered with me in the very room listing which is why he stumbled for words so repeatedly throughout the testimony he rendered while I was there but instead not only gave that which was taken from me to Apple Computer, but to all others that have since that day been awarded what they believed to be their own fair share of that which they knew was taken from me and this was a clear violation of the law which was committed by the presiding federal judge which I believe can be legally used to annul the court’s decision at any time irrelevant of any statutes of time just because of the situation regarding all of the above being that which it is and I don’t know how it is that you are going to fix this situation, and I’m not looking for billions and billions and billions of someone else’s money but $719.00 US dollars is not enough for me to live on and have food and shelter at the same time and I want this situation fixed, as in addition to all of the above, there is the score of a musical composition which I am known to have created to settle with all of you too and somebody needs to fix this situation as the economies of the various nations all across the globe are not doing that well lately and I believe that it need be noticed that as of this very day today, not only is all windows software that which was created by and from the living component which is known to have been stolen from me but virtually all of that which is Apple computer software as well as just about every single smart phone if not all, on the market today and you all may think at this time that it’s alright to look the other way about this $719.00 US dollar thing but when I pass away and you and your nations have no internet to use and no one wants a PC or tablet because there is no software to use and no web to access and all you smart phones simply stop working because all my people left with me and your television stations cant air television programs the public outcry will be so overwhelming you’ll most certainly want to ask of me to help you fix your own problems.
The soul and his people and I Stephen Wayne Reno Thursday, June 04, 2020

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